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Terms and Conditions


  1. All fees are payable to NS-char and under no circumstances should any money be handed to a domestic without prior written consent. Fees handed to a domestic will remain outstanding and will be considered due to NS-char.
  2. Any money borrowed to the domestic is a personal matter and cannot be deducted from any money owed to NS-char.
  3. All fees are payable to NS-char by 30th of each and every month, to ensure domestics also get paid on time.
  4. Payments not received by the 3rd of the following month will lead to suspension of service. Interest and admin fee to be charged in the event of late payment. Non-payment will result in account being handed over.
  5. Fees include delivery and collection service of domestic.
  6. Working hours are, 6.5 hours total inclusive of 1/2 hrs. lunchtime
  7. Domestics are not allowed to work for any client, their family members/direct/indirect friends/associates or any other person associated with the client in their own private capacity.
  8. Domestic cannot work for client in private capacity within a period of 12 months of leaving NS-char.
  9. (Should a client be in breach of point 7 and 8 of the contract a 20% placement fee of the yearly fee with a min. of R4500 (whichever amount is greater) will become payable immediately.
  10. NS-char will not be held liable for any breakages, theft or damages. In case of theft, a criminal case must be lodged against the domestic by the property owner or tenant and the incident will be handled by law. All information ID numbers, addresses and contact numbers will be then given over to client to help in case. Should you have suffered any financial losses due to misconduct by the domestic please inform us within 24 hours in order to pursue the matter further. In order to institute disciplinary action in terms of the Labour Law we must unfortunately request you to be available to testify at the disciplinary enquiry and the CCMA should the need arise. Please note that should you fail to inform us within the allocated time period or not be able to testify we will gladly replace the domestic with a new domestic but will not be able to hold the domestic liable or dismiss her without your testimony, which in turn means that you will not be able to hold NS-char liable for any financial losses incurred. No deductions will be made from any money owed to NS-char. Non-payment or short payment will result in account being handed over.
  11. Whereas every effort is made to ensure that the person working in your home is honest and competent and does not have a history of negligence or clumsiness, accidents do occur. NS-char does not accept liability for any act or omission which might result in loss, or damage, to your property.
  12. In the event that you are unhappy with the domestic you may contact NS-char to assign you with a new domestic.
  13. One week written notice for cancellation within the 1st 4 weeks is applicable and 1 month written notice after 4 weeks of service. Cancellation can not be given during annual shutdown and does not include public holidays.
  14. NS-char will review fees annually in March.
  15. This is a legal binding document and failure to pay outstanding statements may result in a negative listing on the credit bureau.
  16. Cooling-off period: Please note that in terms of the law you are entitled to cancel this agreement, five (5) working days after concluding this agreement on condition that no services have been offered during such time. Should NS-char have been of service during the first five days, after this agreement was concluded, our normal fees will be levied for such service.